Electric Sub Station : Definition and Indoor v/s Outdoor Sub Station

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Electric substations are the heart of a basic power transmission and a distribution system. The power you consume at your home in Lighting, Running various motors like water pump, fans or other domestic motor comes via a wide network and Electric substation is the essential part of that network. In current article We'll discuss What is a sub station and Types of a sub station.

Electric Sub Station : Definition

Electric sub station is a arrangement of various power controlling and power distributive equipments. It includes A transformer, Circuit breakers, power cables, power factor improvement arrangement etc.
A sub station is normally a system that converts very high level electric power ( Power coming at a very high voltage level) to a voltage level that may be used at domestic applications.

Electric Sub Station : Classifications

Electric sub stations are classified into many categories depending upon the nature of mounting of transformer, installation method etc. Below are the types of electric sub stations based on different classifications :

Sub Station Based on Transformer Mounting

Based on How the transformer is mounted to be used in a sub station the substations are of two types :
  1. Pole Mounted : This configuration is used for small rating transformers. Basically there are two pole mounting structures used in Power system.
    These are :
    a) Single Pole Mounting : In this configuration the transformer is mounted on single pole with the help of angles and other metallic structures collectively called transformer platform.

    b) H-Pole Mounting : This arrangement is used for relatively high rating transformers. Two poles are installed so that to provide a base for the transformer. This arrangement is used because the weight of the transformer is more.
  2. Plinth Mounted Sub Station : In this arrangement a foundation is prepared and the transformer is installed on that foundation. This is used for very heavy transformers. A fencing is provided around the transformer to protect it from animals and unauthorized access.
    The foundations serves two basic purposes :
    a) It provide the base to the transformer and
    b) It absorbs the vibrations, if any, in the transformer during the operation.

Indoor Sub Station v/s Outdoor Substation

Indoor Sub Stations : The sub stations that are installed in a building are called Indoor sub stations. In such kind of sub stations transformers are also installed in buildings.
Outdoor Sub Stations : In these type of sub stations the transformers and other heavy and large equipments are installed in outer space and only control equipments are installed in the building.

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