Treatment of Electric Shock or Electric Accident

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Electric safety is must. Proper care should be taken while working on electric equipments and causes of electric accidents must be avoided. This is something we've already discussed and now we'll continue with the treatment of electric shock. This will tell you how to treat a person after electric shock and what to do when someone gets electric shock.
Following steps may be followed for treatment of electric shock :
  • Switch off the supply : First of all the main supply should be switched off, if it is accessible immediately. Switching off the supply will immediately stops the current through the body of the person.
  • Remove The Person From Supply : After switching off the supply, the person should be removed from the wires or contact due to which electric accident is happened. If the main supply is far from the point then the person should be removed from the supply with the help of dry wood stick or dry rubber stick otherwise you may also get electric shock.
  • Check Breathing : After removing the person from electric shock he should be checked if he is breathing or not.
  • If Yes, Check For Burns : If the person is breathing then he should be checked if there is any burn on his body then first aid should be applied to the person.
  • If Not Give Artificial Respiration : If the person is not breathing properly or there is no breathing sign at all then first the person should be laid with back on the ground and if back has some burns then the person should be laid with chest on ground and pressure may be applied on chest to restore breathing. If still the affected doesn't breath then artificial respiration including mouth to mouth respiration may be applied.
  • Apply First Aid : If person breath after artificial respiration then first aid should be provided and if further treatment is required refer the patient to the doctor.
  • Refer To Doctor For Secondary Treatment :If the person is not breathing after artificial respiration then refer the person to the nearest doctor as soon as possible.
I hope the above information will be helpful to you in case of any emergency.

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