Electric Accidents and safety measures against Electric Shock

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Electric shock is something that almost everyone observe many times during their lifetime and the intensity of the shock varies with the level of the voltage in the system. In current article I'll discuss various safety and treatment against electric shock and electrical accidents.
Technically, Electric shock is an observation or state of mind of human being when current flows through the body of the person.

Electric Shock : Definition

Electric shock are experienced by touching the live part or metallic part (unearthed) of an electric appliance, machine or other device. The more the current in the system or more the level of the potential in the live part, more stronger shock will be experienced. The level of shock depends upon current and voltage in the system.

Effect of Electric Shock

A number of problems may faced due to the electric shock but Normally following effects or problems are experienced after the electric shock :
  • Burning of Skin : It is the very common result of an electric accident or electric shock. Normally the skin near the contact point of human body burns due to the current passing through the body of the person.
  • Cardiac Arrest : If the heart of the person comes in the way of passage of electric current through the body of the person, the person may get cardiac arrest or heart attack. It is a very serious case if the magnitude of the current is considerable and it may result in the fatal accident (patient may die due to this).
  • Paralysis : The person may be paralyzed due to the electric shock. When current passes through the human body it affects the neural-muscular coordination and it may result in paralysis to the person.
  • Breathing Problems : The person who has experienced electric shock may experience breathing problems.
 These are the common problems face due to Electric Accident or Electric Shock.

Safety Measures To Avoid Electric Accidents ?

It is clear from above points that electric shocks are very serious and they must be avoided to safe operation of electric equipments. Following are some suggestions to avoid electric accidents   :

  • Care : It is the best thing one can do to avoid electric accidents. Proper care must be taken while working on any electrical equipment specially when dealing with live parts.
  • Replace Damaged Equipments : One should repair or replace damaged equipments immediately to avoid any electrical accident. 
  • Use Earthing : Every electrical system should provided proper earthing. The metallic parts of the system should be earthed so that if by accident someone touches the metallic part when neutral wire is broken, he may not get electric shock.
  • Proper Insulation : One of the most common reason of electric shock is improper insulation. All the live parts as well as joins between any two wires must be insulated with proper insulating material to avoid any electric accident due to improper earthing.
  • Proper Rating Equipments : All the protective equipments should be of proper rating specially Fuses should be of correct current rating to avoid accidents.
  • Use Gloves : Live parts should not be touched, but in case if they are to be repaired, the operating person must use rubber gloves to handle live parts.
  • Never Do This : Use Gloves

The above points explain the technical meaning of Electric shock and safety measures to be taken to avoid electrical accidents.

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