Traction System : Meaning, Types and characteristics of an ideal traction system

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This article describes the meaning, types and characteristics of an ideal traction system.In current era Traction System is something that describes the development of that country. Traction system is something that is very straight in meaning means related to train but it is more beyond that, which we will discuss in this article.

What is traction system ?

The meaning of a traction system is very simple i.e. pulling something. In other words it is a system or arrangement to pull something or to move something from one place to another place. It is essentially a system on wheels to move things. A train is very common example of traction system. It is called locomotive.

Types of Traction System :

A traction system may be classified into two categories:
  • Electric Traction System
  • Non Electric Traction System

Electric Traction System

Those traction system which involve use of electrical energy in any form of driving the train is called ETS(Electrical Traction System). A Diesel Electric Drive, Battery Electric Drive and Straight Electric Drive are few examples of such drive.

Non-Electric Traction System

Those traction system which do not involve any role of electrical energy/electricity are called Non Electric Traction Drive. Steam Engine Drive, Internal Combustion Drive are examples of such drive.

Ideal Traction System

There is nothing called ideal but when we say ideal it means something that the best thing may have in a system.
An ideal traction system must have the following properties :
  • High Starting Torque : An ideal traction system must have high starting torque. It means it should develop high starting force as a train have high load during starting period.
  • Ease of Operating : The equipment used in the system must have ability to run without any change on different routes.
  • Overloading capabilities : The equipments must have abilities to run with overload for a short duration as traction load is not very certain.
  • Minimum Track Distortion : The traction system should not effect the track where it is running. It should have as small as possible distortion on the track.
  • Low Cost : The cost of the device should be minimum.
  • Efficient Braking : The braking arrangement should be eeficient for proper control and easy operation.

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