Induction Machines : Advantages and Applications

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Induction machine is the most used machine in any section of the society including Industrial Areas, Domestic section, educational institute or any other area in human life. This fact is enough to give the importance of induction motor.
Three phase induction motor is most widely used in industrial drives while single phase induction motor is preferred for domestic applications. In current article I'll discuss the construction, benefits over other motors and applications of induction motor.
In our previous post Basics and Classification of Induction Machines, we have already discussed various classification methods and other basic terms related to Induction motors. In current article we will focus on two basic things : Advantages and Applications of Induction Machines. So, Let's begin :

Advantages of Induction Machines

The main thing to be understood here is why Induction motors are used in every section or for every action ? There are few advantages of using Induction motors which are not provided by any other motor. Some of these advantages of Induction motors are :
  1. Cheap : This is the most important thing in current age of competition. If something is costly we immediately start looking for its alternatives. Induction machines are very cheap when compared to synchronous and DC machines. It make them first choice for any operation.
  2. Robust : induction machines are robust in construction. It is another advantage of using Induction Machine.
  3. Efficient and Reliable : Induction machines are no doubt very reliable machines and have considerable efficiency.
  4. Low Maintainance Cost : As construction of induction machine is very simple and hence maintainance  is also easy resulting in small maintainance cost.
  5. High Starting Torque : Starting torque on induction motor is high which make is useful for operations where load is applied before the starting of the motor.

Applications of Induction Machines

As I've said Induction motors are used everywhere in our daily life still some of the main advantages are listed below :
  • Industrial Section : Induction motors are most common motors used in any kind of Industry including it be an electrical or otherwise. No matter what a company produce but when it comes to a motor it is none other than an Induction motor. For large operations 3-Phase Induction and for small operations single phase or Fractional Horse Power (FHP) industion motors are employed.
  • Domestic sections : Our home is a place where we can see many Induction motors doing their job. Motor of refrigerator, water pump motor, cooler motor are some of very common examples.

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