Why only Electrical Energy ?

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Hello Friends,
There are number of forms of energy available still we are using electrical energy. This is the fact that prove the need of electrical machinery. Why we have to study electrical machine design ? There are number of other kind of machinery available like mechanical machinery, solar appliances etc. but still we prefer electrical appliances. Why ?
If I am not wrong this will be the first question anyone will ask you when you speak about electrical machine design.
I hope after reading this post you will be able to answer this question efficiently.
Lets start from begining
Energy : -
Energy is anything that help us to do any task. Without energy you cannot do anything. For every single action or activity in life we need energy. Some very common example of task or activities are reading, writing, walking, talking etc even for sleeping we need energy.
Sources of Energy : -
Now, when it is clear that we need energy for every task then you may think about the sources of energy. From where energy come ?
You may be aware about the famous quote " Energy is neither be created nor be destroyed. " Then from where it comes ?
Energy simply changes its forms of availability.
Carbohydrates are most common sources of energy for human beings and these carbohydrates are synthesized in plants containing chlorophill and the reaction is called Photo Synthesis as photo (means light) is essential for this section.
This carbohydrates is formed by plants and CO2 and water H 2O are raw materials for carbohydrates synthesis. So it is clear that no one is creating energy but we get energy from CO2 and water indirectly.
Similarly Sun light, Heat energy, Wind energy etc are another forms or sources of energy.
Then it comes to Electricity.
Do you count how many times you switch any electric appliance ? Positively no. This shows how widely electrical energy or electricity is prefered in our daily life. This is not a co-incidence but there are strong reason behind this.
Why Electrical Energy only : -
Electrical energy is prefered over the hundreds of forms of energy available now a days. It is not possible to compare every form of energy with electrical energy so I will tell you some most appropriate reason thats why electrical energy is widely used.
Very Clean : -
This is the most environmental form of energy. Environmental related problems are very serious in present world. Everyone is worried about Global warning, ozone dissociation and other environmental problems. Electrical energy is completely free from these problems and its use doesn't cause any kind of pollution. The reason behind this is very simple it is all about the internal movement of electrons in a particle so no damage to environment. However you may say Thermal plants are source of serious heat dissipation to nearby atmosphere but I would like to update your knowledge about this. Hydro power plants are replacing thermal plants nowadays due to this reason and even if a thermal plant is installed proper precautions are taken to dissipate the heat and harmful gases, if any.

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