Biot Savart's Law

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Biot-savart's law is discussed here.
We have already discussed Faraday's law of electro-magnetic induction. It was all about the induction of emf in an electric circuit. Now we will discuss Biot Savart's law.
Biot Savart Law is also a very important concept from the point of view of Electric Machine Design.
The law deals with the force produced on account of interaction between a magnetic field and a current carrying conductor.
According to Biot Savart's law the electromagnetic force is give by the formula : -
Fe=B*l*i*sin (@)
The meaning of various symbols in above formula can be given as,
Fe= Net Electromagnetic force produced in Newtons
B = flux density, in Wb/m2 or in Tesla ;
l = length of the conductor in meter ;
i = current carried by the conductor in Ampere ;
@ = angle between the direction of current and the direction of magnetic field.
The direction of the force produced is perpendicular to both current and magnetic field.

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